Running to get in shape?
RunStrong - the premium health supplement for runners
Runners take RunStrong daily to boost performance, maximise fat burn and support lifelong fitness.
Boost Aerobic Capacity
Increase VO2 Max and optimise energy availability
Protect Bones and Joints
Long term protection & increased resistance to injury
Minimise Inflammation
Less aches and soreness + faster, more effective recovery
Maximise Fat Burn
Tap your body's primary energy store to maximise endurance
Optimise Immunity
Powerful antioxidant to support overall strength and fitness
Combat Foot Strike Hemolysis
Increased impact protection + haemoglobin levels maintained
RunStrong - Daily Supplement
Combining five competition proven ingredients in a unique formulation, RunStrong is a daily supplement designed for runners of all levels that helps you smash your running goals and keep running strong for years to come.
5 x Premium Supplements in One

Research Proven Performance

Patented Nutrition Technology

Precision Optimised Dosages

High Bioavailability

Triple Action Formula

Made in
the UK
30 Day Performance Guarantee
Vegan and Non-GMO
Subscription Benefits
20% off first month with code RUN20.
Cancel any time. £10 less than single pack.
Advanced Triple Action Formula
A complete running supplement that supports your body through the full training cycle.
Run Further. Push Harder.
RunStrong helps release your body's energy reserves, boosting power capacity and distance potential.
VO2 Max increased
More fat converted to energy
Lactic acid reduced
Recover Better. Train More.
RunStrong minimises inflammation and accelerates recovery, so you're ready to run every day.
Muscle damage reduced
Aches & pains relieved
Recovery time accelerated
Long term strength and fitness.
RunStrong helps build muscle strength and protects bones & joints, optimising injury resistance and combatting long term wear and tear.
Injury resistance optimised
Blood iron levels maintained
Bone and joint health
Tap the Fat
Fat is the body’s most abundant energy reserve. RunStrong’s research backed ingredients optimise fat burn, and combat the causes of fat retention. By boosting energy levels they also help you push harder and run further, increasing calorie burn.
The L-Carnitine in RunStrong helps muscle cells metabolise fat, the body’s most abundant energy reserve. It also assists in the removal of toxins. Read the research…
Mitochondria are the engine room of your muscles. L-Carnitine plays a key role in transporting long-chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane.
Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the formation of new fat cells, suppress excess fat storage and control appetite via supporting normal serotonin levels. Read the research…
Curcumin (especially when enhanced by piperine) can suppress inflammatory markers that play a role in obesity and excess weight gain, reduce fat accumulation and improve insulin sensitivity. Read the research…
Iron - Correction of iron deficiency can aid weight loss and improve metabolic health. Read the research…
Take Your Running To The Next Level
Pace, distance and frequency - these are the factors that determine your progress as a runner. RunStrong is engineered to support you at each step, enabling you to smash your running goals without trashing your body in the process.
More Power
Pushing harder increases aerobic exertion and drives fitness. RunStrong's nutrients are lab proven to increase VO2 Max, extending aerobic capacity and boosting power output so you're charged with energy every time you head out.
More Distance
RunStrong puts more fuel in your tank by tapping your most abundant energy source - your fat reserves - extending stamina while reducing lactic acid build up. Meanwhile the anti-inflammatory ingredients combat aching and soreness, minimising discomfort and freeing you to keep pushing on.
More Often
By minimising muscle damage, optimising recovery and protecting bones and joints, RunStrong keeps DOMS at bay and builds resistance to injury, helping you stick to your training schedule and enjoy your running to the max.
Heidi Cassidy, RunStrong Founder
“RunStrong was formulated with a simple goal - to keep you out on the roads, trails or fells, where you love to be, running strong.”
30 Day Performance Guarantee
Better running performance or your money back.
Protect Your Body From The Demands Of Running
RunStrong's nutritional foundation builds strength and boosts injury resistance.
Runners take RunStrong to combat common complaints and protect against long term issues including:
Shin Splints
Stress Fractures
IT Band Syndrome
Hamstring Strains
Foot Strike Hemolysis
Plantar Fasciitis
Runners Knee
Chronic Inflammation
Chronic Fatigue
Muscle Damage

Creatine Kinase is an indicator of muscle damage. Studies show up to 69% reduction with curcumin supplementation.

The Curcumin C3 Complex® in RunStrong is a highly bioavailable combination of 3 curcuminoids for enhanced effectivness.


A study by Nottingham University of 15 athletes demonstrated a 35% boost in endurance and a 30% drop in Lactic Acid build up with L-Carnitine supplementation.

RunStrong uses Carnipure®, a patented, premium grade L-Carnitine backed by multiple peer reviewed studies.

How it Works
RunStrong's unique, uncompromising formula combines 5 competition proven, best of breed ingredients in a single supplement.
Carnipure® is a research proven, premium grade of L-Carnitine Tartrate - an amino acid essential to fat metabolism. It is used extensively by top level athletes to optimise energy availability, extend endurance, reduce lactic acid build up, boost VO2 Max and accelerate recovery.
Curcumin C3 Complex®
Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory as well as a strong antioxidant. The C3 Complex in RunStrong combines 3 curcuminoids to ensure maximum bioavailability and optimised recovery.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D strengthens bones and joints, combating stress fractures, shin splints and long term wear and tear. Studies show it also benefits immunity and supports muscle function.
Iron Bisglycinate
Runners are prone to iron depletion due to foot strike hemolysis. Iron Bisglycinate is highly bioavailable yet gentle on the body. Healthy iron levels support oxygen uptake and aerobic performance.
A premium form of piperine, BioPerine® is a bioavailability enhancer that maximises nutrient absorption. It has been demonstrated to increase curcumin absorption by up to 2,000%.
Safe. Vegan. Non-GMO.
All RunStrong ingredients are safe, natural, competition ready, vegan friendly and free of all genetic modification.

Research Studies
Formulated based on the peer reviewed evidence of over 100 clinical trials and meta studies.
Competition Proven
Each ingredient is proven in the arena of elite sport and used by top level athletes around the world.
Patented Technology
3 of RunStrong's 5 ingredients contain patented technology and have been independently tested to demonstrate clear benefits over generic equivalents.
Precision Engineered
Developed in partnership with a leading Oxford laboratory, each ingredient in RunStrong is precision dosed to deliver optimum performance.
How We Created RunStrong
Four Principles. One Goal. Zero Compromise.
Four Principles. One Goal.
Zero Compromise.

Guided by four principles, we approached the world of elite sports science with a simple goal - to create the ultimate health supplement for runners.

Developed in partnership with a leading Oxford based laboratory, RunStrong's no compromise formula represents the peak of sports nutrition, precision engineered for the specific demands of runners.

What are the most effective nutrients a runner can take?
Are they backed by thorough, respected research?
What are the purest, most bioavailable variants of these nutrients?
Are they healthy and safe for long term use?

Developed in partnership with a leading Oxford based laboratory, RunStrong's no compromise formula, represents the peak of sports nutrition, precision engineered for the specific demands of runners.

Drink Up
You can add RunStrong to your sports drink or meals. Just open up the capsules and sprinkle away.
Why Do You Run?
Learn how RunStrong can support your running goals.
I want to get/stay fit
I want to shed some pounds
I'm training for an event
I'm a competition runner
I just love to run!
Drink Up
You can add RunStrong to your sports drink or meals. Just open up the capsules and sprinkle away.
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