About Us
RunStrong was developed by a small team of passionate runners in collaboration with an Oxford based laboratory. It came from a simple idea - what if there was a single daily supplement for runners that gave them everything they needed?
RunStrong founder, Heidi, on her favourite trails in the Chiltern Hills
Meet Heidi
Heidi is the founder of RunStrong. She's been running for most of her life, from the wilds of her native Finland via the sand dunes of Holland and pavements of London to the trails of the Chiltern Hills. Running for her is like oxygen: a necessity to live.

It was well into the Covid lockdown that Heidi came back from a particular run, exhausted and depleted following months of increased running. Fed up with putting the maximum effort in and getting less and less out, this run began a process of trying to figure out exactly how running depletes the body. What was the best way to replenish those reserves to ward off injuries, fatigue, inflammation and overtraining as well as being able to run stronger?

The Start of the Journey
The RunStrong team embarked on a mission to talk to runners of all disciplines from ultramarathoners to parkrunners to find out what their most common issues and trusted supplements and nutrients were. A picture began to form and we soon had an idea what our “5 hero ingredients” would be. Some were obvious such as Vitamin D or Iron (iron deficiency is a big problem for runners) but there were also surprises such as Curcumin which quickly became a “must-have”.

The Science
The next phase was poring over research and clinical studies to make sure that we could confidently vouch for each ingredient that goes into our capsules. Integrity is vital to us and we want to be able to back every single claim we make. At this stage we also identified the “best-in-class” versions of each of the 5 ingredients to ensure maximum absorption and benefits.

The Result
Developed in conjunction with a leading Oxford based laboratory, RunStrong is the first supplement customised specifically to the needs of runners. It's manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and contains only the best ingredients to help keep you running strong.

If you have any thoughts or questions about any aspect of RunStrong we'd love to hear from you! Click here to get in touch.
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