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Combining five hero ingredients in a unique formulation, RunStrong is a daily supplement designed to help you run further, push harder and recover faster
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What running takes out of you RunStrong puts back
RunStrong combines five premium ingredients, each one backed by extensive studies and research, to support your running in three core areas
Boosts performance by supporting energy metabolism from fat
Increases oxygen uptake and power output during a workout
Reduces lactic acid build-up
Increases muscle performance and time to exhaustion
Counters chronic inflammation
Reduces tiredness and fatigue
Decreases post-exercise muscle soreness
Reduces exercise-induced muscle damage
Improves recovery time following exertion
Replenishes iron stores
Strengthens bones and prevents stress fractures
Maintains normal muscle function
Supports healthy function of immune system
Powerful antioxidant to neutralise free radicals
* All claims are supported by clinical trials and research. View research...
Perform at your best
RunStrong's formulation was developed in conjunction with an Oxford based laboratory to enable you to run further, recover faster and maintain resistance to injury.
Turn your fat reserves into a powerful energy source while reducing pain and muscle soreness from lactic acid.
With regular training, rest days are not always enough to allow the body to return to peak condition. RunStrong assists in faster recovery so you're always ready for the next run.
Running is a high impact sport that puts a huge stress on the body. RunStrong helps to protect your bones, muscles and joints to prevent time-out due to injuries while minimising aches and pains.
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Five Hero Ingredients That Will Change Your Running Forever
Discover RunStrong's premium ingredients and their proven benefits, all backed by solid science and extensive research.
Carnipure® L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
Improves energy metabolism, assists healthy blood flow, reduces markers of metabolic stress, reduces lactic acid buildup in the muscles, reduces tissue damage, decreases muscle soreness and improves recovery time.
Curcumin C3 Complex®
Potent anti-inflammatory; prevents tissue damage from free radicals (antioxidant), supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, boosts immunity.
Enhances the absorption of other nutrients by at least 30%, and for Curcumin it enhances the absorption by up to 2000%.
Iron Bisglycinate
Replenishes iron reserves depleted through sweating, GI blood loss and foot-strike hemolysis, supports oxygen uptake and aerobic performance, contributes to energy metabolism and collagen synthesis.
Vitamin D3
Protects against stress fractures, total body inflammation, infectious illnesses and impaired muscle function. Contributes to proper immune function.
Only Five? How come?
More is less when it comes to supplements; in order to deliver sufficient quantities of active ingredients, our formulation only includes the very best.
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"Our goal is simple - to keep you out on the roads, trails or fells, where you love to be, running strong."
Founder, RunStrong
How We Created The Ultimate Supplement For Runners
We took a three step, no compromise approach to creating RunStrong.

Identify what works
We trawled through years of research and studies seeking the most effective, evidence-backed nutrients to achieve our holy trinity of endurance, protection and recovery.

Make sure it's healthy
RunStrong is designed to be clean, pure, vegan friendly and completely healthy for daily consumption. Anything that doesn't meet the above was a no-go.

Accept only the best
Once we'd identified our hero ingredients we insisted on the highest quality and most bioavailable forms of each one to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness.
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Rule the Road
Hard surfaces are especially tough on the body. Protect against the effects of foot-strike hemolysis by replenishing your iron reserves whilst countering free radicals and inflammation.
Blaze a Trail
Unpredictable surfaces mean your body has to be able to change direction quickly which is harder to do with sore and tired muscles. Faster recovery will have you tackling the trails with fresh legs.
Fly Over Fells
Those endless climbs tax your body to the limits. Reduced lactic acid accumulation, improved energy metabolism and increased oxygen uptake will help you hit your peak performance.
Smash Your Goals
Whether you're running for fitness, training for an event or just trying to shed a few pounds, RunStrong has your back.
A daily run is one of the most effective ways to build and sustain fitness. RunStrong helps regular runners in three ways: boosting energy levels, speeding recovery time and combating injuries.
Weight loss is one of the main reasons people start running but today's carbohydrate rich diets can mean the body's fat reserves are hard to tap. The Carnipure® in RunStrong is proven to enhance energy conversion from fat cells. The result: stronger runs, boosted metabolism and more fat burned.
The training regime of competition runners is intense. RunStrong's pure, optimised formulation is designed to keep you out there, banging in the miles, pushing for those PBs.
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Take your running to the next level